Nurse Clinics

Senior Pet Clinics

As our pets gets older, the risk of health issues increases, and our pets suffer just like we do with age. Here at Spire Vets, we’re offering senior pet clinics on Wednesdays and Thursdays with our registered veterinary nurses. Often, small behavioural changes can be an early warning sign of kidney or liver disease, arthritis, and other ailments.  Having a full MOT with one of our caring, proactive nurses can help to detect problems before they become bigger health concerns. The nurse then will work alongside the vet, cut out some costs and save some of your valuable time.

Animals that qualify for these clinics:

Cats from the age of 10 years +

Dogs from the age of 7 years +

After booking an appointment, please download the following questionnaire. After completing, please email it to This helps us to understand your pet better and minimises the number of questions we need to ask you.

View/download dog questionnaire
View/download cat questionnaire

What is included in the clinics

  • Comprehensive blood test (to assess organ function)
  • Urine analysis (to determine kidney function and any diabetic changes)
  • Blood pressure (high blood pressure is very common and detecting it early can prevent many long-lasting problems, for example, retinal detachment and blindness)
  • Dental check
  • Coat condition assessment
  • General check of mobility
  • Body and muscle scores
  • Claw clip
  • Anal gland squeeze (if needed and dogs only)
  • Discussion on how to make your older pet more comfortable, signs of common conditions and warning signs to look out for.
  • A veterinary surgeon's interpretation on all tests taken.
  • Referral to the vet if needed. (This would be a separate appointment, charged as a normal consultation)

The nurse will dedicate 45 minutes of her time to get to know you and your pet and provide the best care possible. 

This package is not available if your pet is unwell - you must make an appointment with a vet prior to attending a senior clinic.

This appointment broken down is worth £200 and we are offering this service for £80.

"The whole team there seem lovely and helpful" Megan E
"Very animal focused and caring. Highly recommend." D DS
"Fantastic service in the middle of the night and on a bank holiday" David Gardner
"I wouldn't trust anyone else with my pets." Begbould Me
"Very positive experience. Been going for nearly 30 years." Neville Fox
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