We offer a very reasonable pricing structure for all of our clients. Prices often vary depending on the treatment required and the weight of your pet.

Current Price List

  • Dog Booster Vaccination £30.00
  • Cat Booster Vaccination £24.00
  • Cat Booster Vaccination (including leukemia) £30.00*
  • Kennel Cough vaccination £20.00 (or £16.00 if given at the same time as the annual booster)
  • Puppy vaccination course £48.00
  • Kitten vaccination course £40.00/including leukemia vaccine £48.00
  • Rabbit Myxo/VHD full vaccination course £50.00
  • Equine Flu/Tet vaccination £60.00 including visit or £45.00 if two or more horses are vaccinated at the same location.
  • Microchip £16.00
  • Standard Consultation fee £28.50
  • Cat Castration £50.00**
  • Dog Castration £110.00-£170.00 depending on the weight of the dog**
  • Cat Spey £70.00**
  • Bitch Spey £135.00-£205.00 depending on the weight of the bitch**
  • Rabbit Castration £62.00 (small rabbit) £82.00 (large rabbit)**
  • Rabbit Spey £72.00 (small rabbit) £92.00 (large rabbit)**
  • Out Of Hours Emergency Consult £88.50 - £148.50 (Price varies due to the time of night). Additional charges will be incurred for the attendance of a nurse and any medical/surgical treatments, if required. This service is only available to our registered clients.

*Please note that the leukemia vaccination is recommended for all cats that go outside.
**Includes post-operative pain relief and two post-op checks with a nurse.

For any other prices please contact the practice directly.